So I was reading an article about how athletes are not overpaid. I was kind of appalled and for the most part, annoyed, at how biased is essay was. It angered me reading it. The man who wrote about it acted like he knew what he was talking about when in reality he was only looking at one side of situation. In one way I agree because he says that athletes earn their money, but at another viewpoint, when is enough money enough? Sports are entertainment and in some people’s worlds, they have become life. That’s ridiculous. Sports are not a lifestyle. Athlete’s salaries should be topped off at $100,000, any more than that is not earned. If the real point is that athletes are overpaid, than how come they are all paid differently? How come a quarterback for the NFL is paid differently than a pitcher in the MLB? This doesn’t make any sense in the end. The author of this article says that it is simple to become a lawyer or a doctor. In reality, an athlete just has to practice while a lawyer or doctor have to go to school and do a ton of work to learn about they profession. This author was very biased and wrong.