Why You Should Get Married Young. Blog #6

I found an article on a very controversial topic, young marriage. Many young men and women are tying the knot, but is this a good or bad thing? I would say that it is a great thing, but only for some people. In one opinion, some couples are too young and immature to make the decision to get married. On the other hand, I would say that there are a lot of couples out there that are young and truly love each other. The person who wrote the article is a man who has been married since he was 24. He falls more in love with his wife every single day. There are many “problems” that people assume come with young marriage. First off, money issues are a problem. In reality, young couples do not have very much money. Money is not a necessity for marriage and not everyone needs a big wedding to be happy. Most young couples are just happy to be marrying the person that they love. I have also heard the stereotype that young marriages don’t last. I believe that this is not true either because you can talk to so many people that got married young and they are still happily married. I do think that you should at least be 20 to get married, but I do not think that by marrying young you are giving up your “college” experience. Why not just marry the person you love and go through the college experience with them? That makes it all the better in my opinion. There are really no negatives about getting married young and anyone that has has something to say about it is just being judgmental.



Facial piercing and future jobs

According to a psychological study, facial piercings will hurt your chances of getting a job. Although piercings and tattoos are both very popular these days, they can still hurt your chances of scoring a job in the real world. I am lucky enough where I work that I do not need to take out my nose piercing, just a small gem. Studies show that when a employer got two pictures of possible employees, one with a facial piercing, another without, the employer of course chose the person without one. It is considered “unprofessional” to be working a job with an eyebrow or lip piercing. Although it still is a little unprofessional, nose piercing were actually not deal breakers for all employers. Because it is such a small gem, unless you wear a hoop, it is harder to see. The hole it leaves if you take it out can also be covered up due to how small it is! People with facial piercings were considered less employable due to their “bad life choices” because of their piercings. Facial piercings give off a negative stigma and they do not give off a “clean” look when people are wearing them. I completely agree.


School should equal learning, not stress

For this blog I’m going to do something a little bit different. So I decided not to write  a response to someone’s article, but to rather create my own opinion and my own little article about my personal experiences. This blog is about Senior Exit Project, a class that we are required to take this year. Since when has school become a place where the students are less willing to learn because they are so stressed out? This year, I have seen less done than ever. Yes, I know, we’re seniors and seniors are just looked at as plain lazy. But is that really true? I am one of the most active people you will meet and I use to love coming to school. With a minimal amount of work I was able to get it all done and have enough extra time to actually listen and learn in class. But now, I am stuck in a class that I have to take in order to graduate, and the work load is so much that I don’t have time to learn. I skip over all of the information, and instead, I am trying to get all of the work done by their due dates. How is this learning? Since when did school become a clock, where all of students look forward to the moment it is over and the time has passed? I don’t know, but I do know I am a great student, but this is too much for even me to able to comprehend and get done. School=stress not school=learning, and in my opinion, that’s just wrong.

Breast Augmentation

I read a review on WedMD about two different types of breast implants. Some people get breast implants because they have suffered from breast cancer, and others because of cosmetic reasons. But did you know there are two types of implants? The two types are silicone and and saline. The saline are exactly what they sound like, full of saline solution. People stopped getting silicone implants because there were health issues but now they are back and as popular as ever. The entire procedure costs over $5,000 and can cost as much as $10,000!! Who would want that? Most women who receive breast augmentation have had their breasts or breast removed due to a tumor or breast cancer. The surgeon must be very experience and also needs to have a lot of surgical training and experience as a surgeon. I think that breast augmentation should be illegal for 18 year olds. I think the age should be at least 21, unless you are young and have had breast cancer. I also thinks breast augmentation procedures should be limited to women who actually need them, and the procedure should only be able be performed once on the same person, not so that they reach double D’s. In conclusion, although I would never do it, breast augmentation helps many people and is a good idea for some.


SUPERMAN! No, superfood!

I was recently reading an article about what kinds of foods are super foods and can help you lose weight SUPER fast and increase your health! I found that black beans hit the top of the list with builds bone and helps shed weight off! Black beans also help prevent chronic diseases and improve eyesight. Woohooo! Following that superfood was oast! Because they are so rich in fiber and considered a resistant starch, they help make your metabolism move faster and make you full much longer than other foods do! Next comes avocados, which are actually one of my favorite foods. They don’t have too much of a taste but the oleic acid in them is packed with fiber and protein! This is technically considered a fruit, but we all know it’s really a vegetable at heart. Then comes salmon, mmmmm. It has lean proteins that make you full without gaining a ton of weight! Check this off as something you need in a low-fat diet, it’ll help you melt the fat off! Next is my absolute favorite fruit, blueberries! These have anti-aging effects and can make you feel full in no time. Lastly, broccoli! yucky. This tree look-alike is known to prevent cancer and is full of fiber!! These superfoods make any meal yummy and should be eaten every single day!


Legalize it or nah

There has been much controversy over the legalization of marijuana in the United States. I was reading article title “Why We Should Not Legalize Marijuana” and I learned a lot. First off, I agree with this article completely. There are more negative effects of smoking marijuana than positive effects. This is the leading drug in dependency and people develop and addiction to it, no matter what people say. It is still a drug. Children are beginning to smoke at the age of 12, before their brains have even fully developed. Legalizing marijuana will make a lot of situations more difficult. There will be more addiction and dependency, and there will also be the problem of impaired driving as there is with alcohol. There could be the possibility of more accidents. Also, even though it would only be legal for adults, youth will still use it as they do with tobacco and alcohol both. People always look for a way to get past the law and they feel more dangerous when they are not following the rules they are suppose to. People who want to legalize marijuana only look at the positives of legalizing marijuana and not the negative effects that could end up with people dead.


Greed is Good?

I was reading an article written by someone who was obviously angry with how in order to be social you need to have money. This person wrote about how tv networks such as CNN run media about “nicest cars” and the “rich and famous.” I am going to agree with them. It seems as if in this day and time, the more money you have, the better you are. You’re above those people that come from middle or low class families. Of course, who doesn’t love money? We all do, but thats the sad part. People spend so much time worrying about what they don’t have rather than what they do have. Since when was it good to be greedy? People are WASTING their money so that they can look better than everyone else by buying a car that costs 3 million dollars. That’s a waste of valuable money that could be used for things that actually mean something. But of course, if you have the money, spend it. That’s the thought these days. Why not buy the best of the best? Especially if it will be on news and give you ever more attention? CNN raises people who have extravagant things and makes them popular. As a child of a middle class family, I have everything I need and even a little more.That’s enough for me.


Dogs vs Cats, what’s for you?

Meowwwwwwww! Wooooof! Which would you rather hear? You hear crazy stories about cat ladies who own 20 cats a one time, other times you hear from a woman that she hates cats and loves her dogs. So which one is for you? Only you can decide that. Dogs require more time and money, and they also have more energy than a cat. On the other hand cats love to curl up in a ball, sleep, sleep, and get petted. In my opinion, if you love to relax and watch tv or read, a cat is for you. Now if you’re the opposite and you love to go for runs, and exercise, than a dog is for you. Dogs require more attention and time. If you are someone who is on the go a lot, leaving your dog behind is out of the question. You must pay for them to be walked and usually put in a doggy type daycare, also known as a kennel. Now cats can be left alone with just a couple bowls of food and a clean litter box and they will be fine for days. In the end, the type of activities and such that you are in and enjoy doing will help decide if you are a dog or a cat person.


Analysis of Blog #6

In my latest blog about lecture vs. hands-on in learning in the classroom, I went more into more personal detail about my experience with learning by lecture. I told about my beliefs and how I learn better from activities so why am I expected to listen to a lecture every day and understand or learn anything from it? It’s ridiculous how some teachers think all students can learn from what they are told rather than what actually doing something physically. I added points about my own professors and how they have affected the way I learn and how I learn. I have had some encounters with teachers that do not care if their students learn from activities or not, they don’t care. it gets to a point where some teachers are so selfish about what they want to teach that they don’t care if their own students do not even benefit from them. It isn’t to people like me that do not learn anything from just talking. I should learn the way that is best for me and what will teach me the most. I got a little personal with this last blog post but I was more honest about what students like me have to deal with.

Lecture vs. Hands On


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I’m finally getting a taste of what college will be like next year. When I sit in my college history class and all I listen to is lecture every single day, I dread what next year will be like. But when I’m sitting in my college english class it’s a lot different. How come my english professor does activities and my history professor doesn’t? I don’t understand. There is nothing wrong with a little lecture, but when you do it for 40 minutes, 3 times a week, do you honestly think that the students can pay attention to every single word? Just doesn’t make sense how a teacher can sit and talk for 40 minutes a day and expect you to be able to soak in all of the information given. I believe that more of hands-on type of teaching is a better way to teach. I am the type of student who learn better when I do an activity rather than just listen to what someone is saying. But there are so many teachers out there that are so focused on getting all of the information that they want to teach that they could care less if you actually understand what you’re learning. What’s the point in teaching if no one is learning? Hands-on is an all around better way to teach and it should be used more in classes in college and high school.